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Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Parish Priest

My journey to the Catholic priesthood was very unusual.  I was brought up as an Evangelical Christian in Pennsylvania and went to Bob Jones University in the 1970's.  While there I became an Anglican and then went to study at Oxford University in England.  I became an Anglican priest and got married.  Then we converted to the Catholic faith.


About ten years later the door opened for me and my family to return to the United States to be ordained as a Catholic priest.  This is possible because of a special provision made by the Pope allowing married former Anglican ministers who become Catholic to become Catholic priests.  So we moved to Greenville and I began work as Chaplain to St. Joseph's High School.


After four years working there the Bishop asked me to become pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary in addition to my duties at St. Joseph's.  I did both jobs for over a year, but as our parish family is growing, so the responsibilities as parish priest grew, and in November of 2011, I stepped down from my duties to spend more time at OLR.


I'm delighted with the warmth, friendship and faith at OLR.  Our parish and school is a loving Christian community, and I am filled with wonder each day at all of God's blessings in our midst.  I hope you will join us in our adventure of faith at Our Lady of the Rosary parish and school.



Email Address: frlongenecker@olrgvl.org
Web Page: Fr. Longenecker's Website
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